I Was Crazy Once

Ignoring your past...
November 30th, 2008, 10:16 pm

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Author's Comments:


Posted by RikakoChan
November 30th, 2008, 11:40 pm

Alright, three thing I hate about this comic.
1) not in color
2) I messed up Howl
3) no yaoi
I was suppose to add one or tow more panels that had yaoi in it. But my computer and scanner are acting up. I had to asked my friend to post this. And I am working on a Yaoi picture to add on to this. Yes, it will be Jake and Umo. I am so sorry. I will finished it, I promise!

Thank you to the two new people who have joined. Please don’t be disappointed with my post. I’m trying to do better. I am also sorry to Suzume for not being able to add the yaoi picture on. And Sorry to Fire for messing up Howl. Again, I will do better. And color more often. Again, I’m so sorry.

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May 25th, 2018, 1:47 am

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by Inxerene
November 30th, 2008, 11:56 pm

It's fine! XD
And this is really cute.
Forget yaoi when you can
just sit back and have
comedy to give you

Posted by suzume5245
December 1st, 2008, 3:58 am

GAHAHAH poor howl ^-^
his face in the last pannel made me giggle like a four year old! X3

YAY YAOI!!!! *runs around in little circles*

Fire Glaceon
Posted by Fire Glaceon
December 1st, 2008, 7:12 am

Feeling ignored XD
Even without Yaoi it's still awesome.
You didn't mess up Howl at all. You did a good job!
I just love how the both react to seeing each other again! XDD

Posted by RikakoChan
December 1st, 2008, 11:50 am

Thank you so much everyone...
My yaoi picture is turning out alright though. I'll post it when my scanner is working.

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