I Was Crazy Once

Couples' listing
January 24th, 2009, 11:45 am

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May 25th, 2018, 2:00 am

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Fire Glaceon
Posted by Fire Glaceon
January 24th, 2009, 1:03 pm

I agree with you on most of these.
I think DazieXXaiver would be fun and maybe DazieXTeapot.
But seriously I did lol at the TeapotXJake cause that would be kinda cool.
I never knew LoriXAnzo would work but of course BloodyXLori still pwns XD
DAMN IT JASON! He should've been gay or Bi X3 That would've been great.
Howl being a couple with everyone was really a comment. Thanks cuz I thought he wasn't good with anyone. XDDD
My faves would be:
MugiXAnzo (Well just cuz XD
JasonXChristain (YES
DazieXTeapot (A maybe
DazieXXavier (It'll be fun to watch XD
XavierXUmo (YAOI PLZ

Seriously you did do a great job on this. LOL LONG COMMENT~ XDDD

Posted by RikakoChan
January 24th, 2009, 2:34 pm

I also agree with most of the pairing here.
And I’m happy you brought this up.
Because I was wondering.

Mugi X Anzo or Mugi X Jeason --
The funny thing is. I’ve also thought of Mugi liking Jason. Because to me they seem like a mommy and daddy. Jason’s got Chris. And Kumugi’s got Lori an Lexi. But the truth is. I like Anzo. But, there hasn’t been enough of there couple development for me to say there a good couple. I also want to add that I can see Jason dating if it Kumugi. Not because she's my character. I mean just by personality. So, I’ll take a vote on who you think she’d be better with. Remember this isn’t about who character. It just a matter of personality. Please, Fire and Suzume. I love you both. Please let me know what you think honestly.^^

Jason X Christain -
No. There like father and son. This would just creep my out.

Bloody X Skinny=
Same reason as Jason X Chris. There just to family.

Dazie X Teapot or Teapot X Jake -
I have no problems with Yuri. I draw it some times. ^^ But Teapot isn’t really my character. She’s based off my (stupid) sister. But you can draw this if you’d like. I just wont tell her about it. XD I have thought about Teapot and Jake also. I think it could work. He may be a doll. But Teapot is from wonderland and probably is to crazy to care.

Dazie X Xavier -
I love the idea of Dazie and Xavier. I think there would make a good couple. But Xavier is a sexual character and I’m worried for Daize innocent mind. But hey. Other then that. This would work.

Howl X Umo and Xavier X Umo and Chris X Xavier -
Any yaoi consisting these pairing would be loved greatly. I think these are all great pairings.

Umo X Anzo -
Sorry. I can see Umo taking advantage of Anzo. Because Anzo cant talk or anything like that. And because he shy. I can see a sneaking oni like Umo using him. But more of a yaoi pairing.

Xavier X Kumugi -
As for this couple. I do think there a good pairing. But I rather stick to Mugi being bitter towards him. The whole them fighting is really fun to watch. If you do want to draw cute think. Make it from the past. When there were going out. Kumugi doesn’t got give easily.

Mugi X Umo -
No. Umoboshi is referred to as her pet. But the truth is that Umo is the closest thing Kumugi has to a family. Because her mommy and daddy were given to Umo has a sacrifice. Kumugi like to think that them being inside of him. Make her and him closer. There like a big sister and brother. I just can’t see them as a romantic couple.

Posted by Sikira24
January 24th, 2009, 4:52 pm

Well I like the idea of Kiro x Skinless I think that would look kinda cute. But unfortunaly Kiro x Teapot I can't see happening. It would be cute but Kiro would probaly get pissed of and kill her...and that wouldn't be good.

And ah...Kiro x Chris....well i'm not saying anything...if the book ever does gets finished...xD Suzume understands. Personally I think Kiro x Danny works better...Just ignore this...)

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