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Thank you good ideas!

Welcome to the web-comic ‘I was crazy once’

First off I’d like to thank those of you who have joined. You awesome people, you! XD
And for those of you who are reading this and haven’t joined. What in earth are you waiting for ? These characters aren’t gonna kill them selves, you know? Okay maybe they will. But you know what I’m taking about.

We already have so many great characters. And I’m looking forward to seeing them all in action. After all in the great words of the Mad Hatter himself I’d like to say: “We’re all mad here.” (in this comic)

With the help of Kumugi. I’ll slowly reveal the history and curse of the village. Of course. The true is I’m a little foggy on it my self. And I’ll need help from my fellow authors to decided on the final history for the village. And reasons for the curse.

Uh? I think I did this whole news thing wrong. Oh well. I’ll post again when something new comes up. For now, please keep reading and (for my amazing team of artist) drawing. XD I lovez youz all! Thank so very much!

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